Mold & Your Windows: A Removal Guide

Mold can and will grow on the window sills, creating an unsightly and unhealthy appearance in any home. It is important that you understand what causes mold as well as how to remove it before damage occurs. Left untreated, mold causes a bad appearance in the home and can cause health problems.

Mold isn’t going away on its own, no matter how much you hope that it will. To remove it from the windows, you need dish soap, bleach, and a dry cloth. You’ll also need a scraper and safety supplies like a face mask and eye goggles. Proper ventilation is important during the mold removal process. Mold has a very pungent odor that can make you sick and the chemicals can burn the eyes.

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Spray the window sills with water to prevent the mold spores from pouring into the area when they’re removed. Then mix the water and dish soap and apply to the windows to loosen the mold. Use the scraper to finish removing it. If you prefer to keep your hands clean, you may also call a professional mold removal specialist to handle the job. Use the dry cloth to remove the grime left behind once the mold is removed.

If mold growth occurs due to cracks, leaks, or drafts in the windows, it might be a good idea to replace them instead. New windows improve the look of the home as well as the value and stop mold growth. Find a good company using a search engine and the term home window installation near me or ask around to find the best pros to fill the job. There’s little question that new windows will improve the appearance and comfort of your house and keep mold away.