How to Clean Vinyl Blinds

Vinyl blinds provide great window treatments in a home, but they can get dirty which causes their appearance to degrade. Rather than risk vinyl blinds that look dirty or worn out, learn how to clean them instead. You need just a few items and a little bit of time to clean vinyl blinds los angeles.  Clean blinds are beautiful blinds that make the home look superb.

Before you start cleaning the blinds in your home, make sure you vacuum first. You might see cobwebs or dust on the blinds, but the vacuum will resolve the problem and help the debris cling off of the blinds. Use the attachment tool that comes with your vacuum cleaner to clean the blinds with the long tool.

Once you’ve vacuumed the blinds, it is time to clean them. To clean, you’ll need to dust the blinds by each slat. Most of the vacuum comes off when you clean them, but it is also important to dust to ensure that all of the debris comes off the edge and windows and other areas of the home.

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After this is complete, you should start cleaning the blinds. To clean them, you need a bucket of water and dish liquid mixed together with some paper towels to clean the blinds. Use a sponge and tip in the mixture to rub over the blinds to remove dirt and debris. Re-dip the spine until all of the dinge is removed.

If this doesn’t clean the blinds, you can place them in the bathtub and let them soak for a period of time to get the dirt and debris off. Use the dish liquid and soap concoction mixed together in a bucket once again to remove the debris using the bathroom soak technique to clean the vinyl blinds.